Our Projects

We engage the PLHIV community through exciting
collaborative projects with other NGO’s, our local stakeholders and corporate sponsors


Expanding Access to
HIV Treatment

In September 2016, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago adopted the World Health Organization “Treat All” recommendations to expand treatment to all persons diagnosed with HIV regardless of CD4 cell count.

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Project PAM@MRF

The Patient Advocate Retention in Care Model at the Medical Research Foundation (MRF) P --- Providing Patients with Positive Clinic Experiences A --- Acting on, and Addressing Patient Needs M--- Monitoring and Following Up to Ensure Patients Continue in Care

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the PATIENT ADVOCATE MISSION (PAM) was proud to take part in the inaugural event hosted by the O2N FOUNDATION and its founder Nicole Dyer-Griffith - O2N STYLE @O2PARK. The PAM team wishes continued success to the foundation in all its future endeavours.

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The Message Is Ours

Is an innovative and exciting competition to create local HIV awareness. Our theme supports Persons Living with HIV and fights against stigma and discrimination. Our winning slogan: ‘He, She, You, Me.., Leh all ah WE get tested for HIVʼ.

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Alive and Well
Youth Initiative

PAM is happy to support the Medical Research Foundation in the ‘Alive and Wellʼ initiative, aimed to help youths living with HIV.(Ages: 15-24) The Caribbean and T&T continues to be impacted by HIV.

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PAM Outreach

We continue to fight against stigma and discrimination through HIV literacy and enlightenment. Empowerment through Education. Advocacy through Action. We partner with NGOʼs and go out into villages locally, sharing information and teaching safe sex best practices.

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changing the face of hiv in t&T

Our Local Stakeholders


The Medical Research Foundation

The MRF was established in March 1997 as an NGO under the leadership of Professor Courtenay Bartholomew primarily for research to investigate the Epidemiology of HIV & HTLV-1.
• In 2002, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago commissioned the MRF to become the first treatment site for patients infected with HIV in Trinidad & Tobago.
• The MRF expanded from 250 patients (2002) to 8,000 patients (2017).
• The MRF is the largest of the 5 adult treatment sites in Trinidad and Tobago--- representing 73% of all PLHIV known to be in care. Ward 2 Clinic San Fernando is second largest site with 1,554 patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Edwards
Managing Director


The National AIDS Coordinating Committee (NACC) is a multi-sectoral co-ordination committee which includes participation of major stakeholder groups such as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Key Population Advocates (KPAs), Trade Unions, government, international and regional agencies, academic and private sector organisations. The NACC was relaunched in December 2016 to co-ordinate the national multi-sectoral response, set priorities, goals and targets, advise and guide the Government of Trinidad and Tobago on HIV and AIDS Policy.

Dr. Ayanna Sebro
Technical Director

The HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit (HACU)

The HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit (HACU) was restructured and renamed from National AIDS Programme to the HIV/ AIDS Coordinating Unit in September 2006. The HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit in the Ministry of Health coordinates, advises on policy direction, monitors and evaluates the implementation of the Ministry of Healthʼs response to the HIV epidemic through the HIV/AIDS Health Sector Plan (HSP).
The mission of the HIV/AIDS Coordinating Unit is to lead the Ministry of Healthʼs response in reducing the incidence of HIV infections in Trinidad & Tobago and also mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS in persons infected and affected in Trinidad & Tobago.

Dr. Keven Antoine
Program Director

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