What PAM Does

The PAM model™ works to support PLHIV’s access to care and initiation on ART; increase treatment motivation and literacy; identify/address barriers to ART adherence and strengthen retention in care --- so patients ultimately achieve and maintain viral suppression . Our Patient Advocates act as critical support to other members of the health care team in providing care and support services to PLHIV’s and Key Populations.


Services for people with HIV

We offer many services to help your care and well being. PAM facilitates support, a reach out Hotline, Transportation access and professionals Referrals.

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    Providing PLHIVʼs with an acute system of support to listen and share.

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    Get answers on ART (anti-retro viral) treatment as well as a channel professional advice from clinicians.

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    Get transport to clinic. We can put you in contact with a non-judgmental driver so you don't miss a visit.

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    We can help you access psychosocial, dental, temporary housing and other services.

Benefits for meeting with our patient advocates

  • SHARING - for some patients this sharing is the first step towards acceptance and goes a long way towards ensuring patients adhere to their
  • SENSE OF WELL BEING - patients leave with a sense of well being, and therefore are willing to return to treatment sites and share further
  • EARLY INDICATORS - discussion may highlight systematic barriers to care
  • IDENTIFY SOLUTIONS - so often solutions can be solved by sharing information with advocates to gain support from them and clinicians
  • INITIATE TREATMENT - once patients understand their own they are less fearful and willing to take more control to manage their treatment and care


I was so scared
of infecting my partner. But after chatting with one of the patient advocates, I learned, once I am undetectable there's no risk of me passing on HIV. I've been undetectable for some years now and no longer live in fear.

Natasha S.


I tested positive in 2009
and have never admitted I was positive to anyone, not even to my children. For so long I have bottled up these feelings inside. But now thanks to PAM, I look forward to meeting with other PLHIV's and sharing experiences.

James M.